The Tissue Biomechanics Lab projects range from basic science questions to applied research with clinical and industry-based collaborators.  Current projects in bone, shoulder, and ligaments are listed below.


BONE: We study the mechanics of bone during growth and aging, and how disease affects structure-mechanical function relationships in bone.

Sameer Muckatira
Liz Livingston
Microstructure and strength in bone
We investigate how the microstructure and composition of bone is related to it's strength and regulated by cellular activity.

Funding: Burroughs Wellcomme Fund
Collaborators: Dr. Thomas Andersen, Cell Biology (U Southern Denmark)
Previous contributors: Lydia Bakalova, Ida Ang, Eric Currier
Hyunggwi Song
Sara Moshage
Bone properties during growth

We study healthy bone development to identify how bone accommodates the mechanical demands associated with increasing mass during growth.

Funding: Illinois Companion Animal Research Fund
Collaborators: Dr. John Polk, Anthropology; Dr. Annette McCoy, Vet Med
Hyunggwi Song
Chenxi Yan
Effect of mechanical loading on bone properties

The dynamic nature of bone means that it changes in response to mechanical loads (among other things). We investigate different loading patterns on the remodeling response of bone.

Funding: National Science Foundation; National Basketball Association
Collaborators: Dr. John Polk, Anthropology; Dr. Stuart Warden (IUPUI)

A rotator cuff tear is when one of the main tendons in the shoulder is injured and account for over 4.5 million physician visits per year.  We investigate the mechanical changes of the torn tendon and the secondary mechanical changes on the remaining tissues.

Publications from this work:

Primary and secondary effects of rotator cuff tears on glenohumeral biomechanics
Sensitivity of Cartilage Pressure to Ligament Stiffness During Shoulder Abduction
Effect of ligament stiffness on shoulder cartilage pressure and kinematics

Ligaments connect bones and are primary stabilizers during joint movement.  We are interested in the role of microstructure (collagen fibers) and the mechanical properties of ligament.


Microstructural measurements of collagen and strain in ligaments Researcher: Hafizur Rahman, PhD Candidate Collaborators: WooWon Lee (PhD Candidate), Prof. Kimani Toussaint





Publications from this work:

Application of quantitative second-harmonic generation microscopy to posterior cruciate ligament for crimp analysis studies
The Effect of Structural Variation on Ligament Apparent Properties
Crimp characterization of porcine posterior cruciate ligament by second-harmonic generation imaging