The Tissue Biomechanics Lab projects range from basic science questions to applied research with clinical and industry-based collaborators.  Current projects are listed below.  See our publications page to learn more about previous work.

BONE: We study the mechanics of bone during post-natal development, aging, and how disease affects structure-mechanical function relationships in bone.  This work often includes integration of loads from muscles to understand the response of bone to different activities.
Microstructure, cell activity, and strengthBone properties during growthFatigue and woven boneExercise and bone remodelingEffect of fatigue on
bone in athletes
Mike Rogalski
Sara Moshage
Chenxi Yan
Hyunggwi Song
Sara Moshage
Chenxi Yan
Collaborators: Prof. Thomas Andersen, Cell Biology (U Southern Denmark)
Funding: Velux Foundation, Burroughs Wellcomme Fund
Collaborators: Prof. Annette McCoy,
Veterinary Medicine
John Polk, Anthropology
Funding: Companion Animal
Research Foundation
Collaborators: Prof. Stuart Warden,
Physical Therapy (IUPUI)
Prof. Rohit Bhargava,
Collaborators: Prof. John Polk,
Funding: National Science
Collaborators: Prof. Stuart Warden,
Physical Therapy (IUPUI)
Funding: National Basketball
Association/ & GE

Previous contributors: Elizabeth Livingston, Sameer Muckatira, Lydia Bakalova, Ida Ang, Eric Currier
PASSIVE TISSUES: We study  the ligaments and capsules within articulating joints in healthy individuals as well as those who experience damage due to injury. Our aim is to understand the underlying microstructural determinants (such as fiber morphology) of mechanical strength.
Structure-function in ligamentsKnee simulator for
medical education
Shoulder capsular strainRotator cuff fatigue
and driving
Roberto Guzman
Roberto Guzman
Hafizur Rahman
Paxton Wiersema
Collaborators: Jump Simulation Center
Funding: Jump-Arches

Previous contributors: Woojae Kim, Sara Moshage, Sam Goldsmith