Materials Testing Machine (Instron). Measures tensile, compressive, and shear mechanical properties of biological tissues.
Machining Tools.
Assist us in the preparation of testing specimens and in the development of testing devices.

5 DOF CNC. Rotates and translates biological tissues in 5 Degress of Freedom.
Motion capture camera system. Measures three-dimensional kinematics in real time.

Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

BeckmanOur lab is an affiliate member of the Beckman Institute Imaging Technology Group.

The Microscopy Suite offers a wide range of imaging modalities and supporting equipment for the preparation, imaging, and analysis of a variety of biological, materials, and biomaterials specimens.

The Vis Lab supports a variety of visualization research, including 2D and 3D image analysis and quantification, scientific visualization, ultra-high speed video, macro-photography, macro-video, video production, 3D animation, high-resolution 2D scanning, 3D object scanning, research presentation, publication graphics, and additional capabilities in support of imaging.

Materials Research Laboratory – Center for Microanalysis of Materials

mrlThrough the MRL, we have the capacity for biological materials characterization at several length scales.  Instruments of interest include:

DMA800 Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) measures a material’s Young’s modulus or viscoelastic properties as a function of temperature (or time). Testing can be performed in either tensile or cantilever bending geometries.

HYSITRON TI-950 TRIBOINDENTER The Hysitron TI 950 TriboIndenter at the Materials Research Laboratory is a versatile instrument with capabilities beyond traditional quasistatic nanoindentation. In addition to a standard transducer which can apply micronewton-to-few-mN loads over a displacement range of several micrometers, a high load transducer allows indents to be made at loads of up to 2.8 N over a displacement of up to 90 microns.

Advanced Materials Testing and Evaluation Laboratory

The Advanced Materials Testing and Evaluation Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility for mechanical testing of coupon specimens to determine baseline engineering properties, conduct sophisticated biaxial testing, and perform full field optical stress analysis.

The lab includes test frames with a range of tension-tension and tension-torsion loading at rates appropriate for creep testing up to high cycle fatigue analysis. Each of these machines can additionally be coupled with a broad range of temperature control capabilities.

Mechanical Testing Machines

  • 10 kN uniaxial servohydraulic frames (3)
  • Mini 500 N test frame frame
  • 90 kN Creep test frames (2)
  • Ceramic compressive fatigue test fixture
  • Corrosive environment test laboratory
  • R.R. Moore Rotating fatigue machine (10,000 rpm)

Nondestructive imaging capabilities

B&W and Color videography
– Can be interfaced to servohydraulic load frames for coordinated image capture
– Video extensometry and Digital Image Correlation –
Stress Photonics DeltaTherm 1500Thermoelastic Stress Analysis Infrared Thermography