Prof. Kersh receives BWF award

Prof. Kersh received a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Research Collaboration Travel Grant which will allow the lab to continue the exciting collaboration with biologists Thomas Andersen and his group in Denmark studying bone mechanobiology.  Thanks to the BWF for supporting our work.

Graduation news Spring 2017

Congratulations to Lydia Bakalova on turning in her Masters thesis, “Relating cortical bone mechanics to intracortical pore morphology, distribution and remodeling history within the fibula diaphysis” and to Kevin Brenner, TBL undergraduate volunteer, on his acceptance to Stanford.

Great job Lydia and Kevin!

TBL members win MechSE awards

Congratulations to John Shanley for winning the Smith Outstanding TA Award and Liz Livingston, who will start work with the TBL in Fall 2017, on the honor of being named a Knight of St. Patrick.  Both awards are given to students who represent leadership and excellence in character.  Congratulations John and Liz!

TBL at ORS 2017

Hafiz Rahman and Woowon Lee (TBL collaborator) presented posters at this years Orthopedic Research Society. We had a great time, learned a lot, and 4 generations of scientists came together in San Diego.

Hafiz Rahman presenting ligament biomechanics
4 generations – students and advisors, in that order!
WooWon presents on SHG-based characterization of ligament crimping